Lost Trax – Lost Connection

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Lost Trax, not to be mistaken with the multitude of similar appellations out there, is a veteran of Daz Quayle’s SCSI-AV label. Their Tabernacle account is opened with “The Eye.” The track immediately transports back to 1992 and the classic techno of Applied Rhythmic Technology. Deep space chords are punctuated by beats, snares echoing some early Metroplex material. This aural odyssey continues with “Pulp.” The former sanctity is besmirched with heavy warbling panels of sound laced with machine beats. Calm is restored in the form of “The Forrest,” a track giving a final, and firm, nod to the former fledglings of techno.

Flip over for The Connection Machine, the twosome of Jeroen Brandjes and Natasja Hagemeier. The duo haven’t released under their TCM moniker since 2004, used for the Painless album on $tinkworx’s Down Low Music. Whereas Lost Trax blurs the lines of past and present, TCM’s “Evil Earth” is instantly more modern. The chords have a analogue richness with crisp beats slicing through. The peculiar, almost fairground, organ keys that form the piece’s spine allows TCM to explore a number of plots in this curious piece. “Speel” is beat driven techno abstraction. The track has a nice dream-like quality, hazy notes shimmering through 4/4. The slightly Ace of Base titled “Keen (On Life)” brings this splitter to a close. The track sees arches of techno buttressed by a web of 303 tweaks… a great piece to end on.

Released: 2011
Label:  Tabernacle Records
Catalogue number: TABR007
Download format: MP3 & Apple Lossless

Lost Trax – The Eye

Lost Trax – Pulp

Lost Trax – The Forest