Hiding behind the curtain like an electro Wizard of Oz, the artist responsible for this 12″ is “a highly respected master of electro music” – with ‘The Saturiun Sun’ an archive plundering exercise that resurrects some early 90’s class. Beamed direct from a time where obscure plates dropped onto pirate radio with little fanfare, the opening end of the 1990’s saw a collision of styles that took fistfuls of acid, rave and electro then rallied them into cohabitation that somehow seemed inherently natural. Drenched in 808, ‘The Saturiun Sun’ kicks off with an oven-ready batch of sunset strings that have strayed in from UR, before the epic spirit is made all the more piquant through snare-etched rhythms and an acid riff that throbs long and hard… Turn it over and you’ll discover the ribald roughness of ‘Self Destruct System’ wherein gurgling electronics make merry with Planet E’s ‘The Connection Machine’ to forge a new and lithe beast. Unearthed classic.


Released: 2007
Label:  Scsi-AV
Catalogue number: ID022