The Scsi-Av label has been dormant for what seems like an eternity, their self-imposed silence at long last broken by this gorgeous 2-track follow-up to the excellent ‘Lost Trax’ Ep released back in 2007. Penned by an unknown technician described only as “a highly respected master…” ‘Lost Trax 2’ slots into that lush terrain where classic Detroit Techno and electro come together, the kind of material produced by Carl Craig in the early 1990’s and more recently beloved of Convextion’s ERP side project. The first of the two tracks here “The Sequel” really does play out like a long lost Detroit classic, all emotive strings and crisp percussion that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on any of the legendary Buzz/Transmat compilations. Second track “Birth” is even better – a more rugged sounding number that eschews electro structures for more clipped 4/4 styles, still retaining an uber-lush sound palette just with a weightier deployment. Its impossibly lovely material – very highly recommended to followers of classic Carl Craig, the Connection Machine or Convextion.

Released: 2010
Label:  Scsi-AV
Catalogue number: ID026